Appropriate Funding, Accountability, and Transparency
Raising Academic Achievement in WCCUSD
School Safety and a Positive Culture
Educator Support
Funding, Accountability and Transparency

Our slate believes that majority of WCCUSD’s 300 million dollar budget should go directly to our students, educators, staff, and school sites. We believe that through transparency, community input, and the prioritization of students we can continue in this direction. We also believe in funding sites where the experts know what they need most, from curriculum to direct support to students. We need to move away from district-wide programs and outside consultants and give autonomy as well as power to the sites to decide what to do so that they can support our children in obtaining the quality education they deserve.


California is the 5th largest economy in the world.  Sadly, CA is also 41st out of all 50 states in per-pupil spending in the United States. Our taxpayers in WCCUSD have been very supportive of education and have contributed to West County by supporting Parcel Taxes and Bonds for our students and educators. It is time that we take the lead by advocating at the state level to increase funding, especially for California’s highest-need districts like WCCUSD. Our slate fully believes in this mission and will fight to increase per-pupil funding through the passing of Proposition 15 (Schools and Communities First initiative) and by leveraging legislation to continue funding our schools.

Student Achievement

We believe that the promise of a free, quality and positive education must begin at a very early age and that every student in WCCUSD deserves this promise no matter their socio-economic status, immigration status, race, religion, or individual need. This is why we believe so deeply in our public community schools. Our job as trustees is to make sure every single one of our schools delivers on this promise to every student and parent. We believe our teachers, administrators, and staff are working hard every single day, using their vision and collaboration to live up to that expectation.  We believe that our school district is moving in the right direction, but we still have a lot to do. With new leadership and collaboration with our labor partners, we believe that we can become a district that truly supports every student and family.

Thank You Teacher greeting card for Worl
Safety and Culture

Every student, parent, and staff member deserves to feel safe in our schools. We believe that providing a sense of physical and emotional safety for our students is key for their success and future. Through our community schools model, every parent should feel welcomed in our schools and our sites should be a place where the community can go for resources and supports. Our slate pledges to always listen to the community, be transparent with our decision making, and be accountable for our difficult choices as well as our successes. We also fully support and believe in being a “Sanctuary District” where all our students are welcomed. We also believe that safety includes constructing new buildings where students can be proud to learn every day and staff feel comfortable working.


But safety is so much more than just the physical safety of our students. In order for our students to feel safe, we need to continue working on our district culture both at the sites and district-wide. We need to provide PD to our staff on Implicit bias, anti-racist school practices, Restorative Justice, and Positive Behavior Intervention Systems, and at the same time support their needs as they arise.

Our slate does not believe in the growth of charter schools in WCCUSD.  However, to address their growth we need to listen to the families that are leaving our system and address their concerns and unmet needs within our district. We need to continue developing our schools and setting high expectations,  so that charter schools eventually become unnecessary in WCCUSD.

Educator Support 
Teachers need and deserve to be supported, well-compensated, and listened to by district staff to grow and thrive. We've had a challenge for many years in WCCUSD to recruit and retain quality educators, especially teachers of color. To provide quality instruction and a community school model to every school, we have to create an atmosphere where teachers feel fully supported with the tools they need to help the needs of all of their students.  Our district must be able to attract and retain quality teachers. By retaining exceptional teachers and counselors, we can successfully prepare our students for college and the workforce in these challenging times.